Tours & Events


Every first Saturday of the month

Beginning at 10am with last tour starting at 1:30

Adults $15

Youth 9-12 $5 children 8 and under free

Tour dates in 2024:
June 1
July 6
August 3
September 7
October 5
November 2
December 7

Open house Saturday July 13

Weekend of Round Up and Courthouse Opening Self-guided tours

Adults $5, children free

Special Holiday Open House November 30

During Light up the Town


$20/adult with a minimum of $100

These tours can be scheduled any day of the week


With 10 or more may be coordinated with private openings of
Mason Square Museum and the Odeon Theatre
Add on visit to Fort Mason and wine tasting rooms for an expanded trip of a half day or more

For more information or to arrange a tour, contact:
Jan Appleby, Tour Director